Seth Preus – Gamification Strategy to Increase Sales and Productivity

December 2018
Time: 28:19

Seth Preus is an entrepreneur whose endeavors span 20 years and have touched multiple industries including insurance, paperboard & packaging, real estate, search engine optimization (focused on real estate), and lead generation.  He is passionate about productivity. The last 10 years of his career have been devoted to building and utilizing productivity tools that enable businesses to track and analyze performance metrics and provide them with the mechanisms to immediately influence sales team behavior for increased sales, greater profitability, and improved morale.  

Seth is an expert in the field of software productivity management tools with a focus on goal setting, sales & activity tracking, sales analysis, compensation plans, rewards and recognition concepts, gamification, and ROI calculators. He regularly shares his knowledge on the topic through industry seminars, white papers, and public speaking engagements.