Senator Ben Nelson – Top Executive

July 2016
Time: 24:42

Vantage Point – CEO of the NAIC. Senator Nelson became the CEO of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 2013. He was selected for the post because of his unique combination of executive, legislative and regulatory experience. He was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000 where he served for two terms as Democratic Senator from Nebraska. In the Senate, he served on the Agriculture and the Armed Services Committee’s. He also served as chairman of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee. Working with Republicans and Democrats, Senator Nelson forged agreements between the Bush administration and the Senate on tax cuts, Medicare reform and homeland security. During the first term of the Obama administration, he co-founded a bipartisan “Jobs Squad” of Senators that cut billions in spending from an economic recovery plan that ultimately became law. In the months following 9/11, Senator Nelson was instrumental in gaining passage of the federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, which provided a “backstop” for catastrophic insurance losses resulting from acts of terrorism. Earlier in his career, Senator Nelson was governor of Nebraska. In 1994, he was the first Nebraska governor to be elected to a second term in two decades. His record of balancing Nebraska’s budget as governor was an asset as he worked to reduce federal spending in a way that was effective and fair. Senator Nelson started his career in ¬†insurance law. He served as CEO of the Central National Insurance Group, as chief of staff and executive vice president of the NAIC, and as Director of the the Nebraska Department of Insurance. He completed his bachelor’s, master’s and law degrees from the University of Nebraska in 1970.