David Stansfield – Top Producer

August 2017
Time: 34:04

David Stansfield is an award winning agency owner in Ft Collins, Colorado. In 1994, he interviewed with Farmers and the District Manager at that time told him he was too young so he should work for another agent. He interviewed with another company and they told him he should work as a claims adjuster. He decided to work for another Farmers agent to get some “experience” and approximately one year later he opened his own Agency. His first year in business, he waited tables at night and sold insurance during the day. The owner of the restaurant caught David giving customers his business cards for insurance and asked him to stop. A few weeks later, he resigned from the restaurant and decided, “I can’t fail, it’s not an option.” He put everything into his business and has built it to now have in excess of 8,900 PIF. Two years after leaving the restaurant, he insured that restaurant! This also included the owners, business insurance, workers compensation, auto and home insurance. David is a graduate of Colorado State University with a Degree in Business Administration & Minor in Spanish.