Chris Ingram – Top Executive

August 2017
Time: 29:21

Ask anyone about Chris Ingram, and the first thing they will say is he’s competitive. Very competitive. It will also be followed up by his other qualities of leadership, vision, and dedication. For clients at Jettison, a passion for making sure they win will always come first. He views every client through the lens of efficiency and potential—connecting small changes that lead to big results. But fair warning: get ready to work hard. The consummate coach, Chris will demand the most of you and won’t settle for anything less than your full potential. No matter what you set out to do with Chris, his relentless pursuit of success is infectious and will have you running smarter, smashing goals, and surpassing your competition. Chris started his career in sales where he quickly became the top producer amongst his peers. This experience was the catalyst for his passion for entrepreneurship. He moved next into the insurance and asset management industry where in a few short years, he grew his agency to over $2 million in annual sales. After his company’s successful sale and his exit as CEO, Chris co-founded Jettison to help companies run smarter, faster, and better than their competition. If he’s not working, then he’s probably watching the Nashville Predators with his family or working with Nations of Coaches, a nonprofit that teaches college athletes that quality character is better and more long-lasting than wins and losses.