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The premier Podcast resource for the insurance and investment profession. Where financial services professionals go to listen and learn. Enjoy insights and entertainment from high profile guests who share their stories and expertise. The Vantage Point series features personal conversations with the most successful producers, executives, and policymakers in the insurance and investment industry. Listen in as they share stories of struggle and success in achieving where they are today. With the Know-How series you can listen in as we interview industry specialists and opinion leaders who share their views on topics and trends. Simple and clear explanations of products and practices from subject matter experts around the world.

Host Dennis Anderson

Successful family business owner, trainer, and speaker in the insurance education business for over 35 years. Most recently former CO-CEO of A.D. Banker & Company, the nation’s most prominent publisher of producer licensing and continuing education coursework in the U.S. Now the Executive Producer of Insurance Radio News.

Speaking Engagements

If you are requesting Mr. Anderson to speak at or moderate an event please call 913-451-1280 ext 201 or email info@insuranceradio.com.